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Unlock a new level of performance.
Cruise towards an optimal lifestyle with data-driven coaching.
Meet our first member: Markus.
In 8 weeks, Markus reduced his sleep interruptions by 30%, increased HRV by 50% and sleep time by 1.5 hours.

Markus joined 8+ Performance and saw incredible results after only 8 weeks.

Our team of experts analyzed the data from his Pod and Oura ring and identified that he had high sleep interruptions. This was making him feel less energized during the day.

Every week, we sent him personalized weekly reports of his sleep & health metrics correlated with his daily activities, along with suggestions to improve.

Markus checked in with his dedicated performance coach on a weekly basis by text or a quick call. It allowed him to stay on track and make any necessary adjustments.

The suggestions we provided helped him optimize his sleep environment, change his diet, supplements, and introduce new day and evening routines.

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delivered by scientific experts
Meet our team
Adam Bataineh

Medical doctor specialized in internal medicine and trained in longevity. He has a unique ability to make cutting-edge sleep &  health research accessible to the masses.

Rachel Lett

Registered nutritionist with years of experience with nutrition coaching and personally driven by her own journey to optimal health, with a strong interest for metabolic and gut health.

Zach Winfield

Certified Nutritional Consultant (AFPA), Personal Trainer (NASM), KAATSU band specialist. Natural movement and functional fitness specialist, passionate using data to drive performance.

Designed for high perfomers
to unlock their health potential.
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Request access by filling a questionnaire so we can match you with one of our performance coaches.

Share your data

Get access to the 8+ Performance app to connect your wearables and other data.

Check in with your coach

Get suggestions every week, track your adherence, and get feedback from your coach.

measure tangible results

See your progress & correlations for each metric aligned with your goals.

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Analysis of weekly metrics & trends
Key performance indicators FOR your goals.
Integration of data from your devices
Eight Sleep, Whoop, Oura, Apple Watch, Withings.
Covers the most important areas
Sleep, resilience, fitness.
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What they say
“I get the accountability from having a real person review my data to provide specific recommendations on how to improve.”
– Tim
Trusted by experts and top performers.
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